From a retreat in January 2017. Ideas on practice and how it might help in navigating a disaster. 


We live in a world where "waking up" is part of what we do, and it's imperative in the lives we lead. It's also our birthright. 


A talk by Rachel Boughton about looking at the way our minds judge and make things right and wrong all the time, and how we can notice that in meditation, and give ourselves a break. 


Meditation with the koan: Who Am I?


A talk about the koan of the donut maker: about finding your own path by yourself, while making donuts. 


A Koan

Yu the donut maker

Yu worked in town as a donut-maker. She used to visit a Zen Master and ask questions with the other students. This teacher gave her the koan, “The true person has no rank.”

One day she heard a beggar singing the song Delights of Lotus Flowers: “...If you haven’t heard the song, how can your way to the lake?” Hearing this, she was greatly enlightened.

She threw her donut pan onto the ground. 

Her husband glared at her and said, “Are you crazy?” 

She said, “This is not your realm.” 

She went to see the teacher. Seeing her at a distance, he could tell she had awakened. He asked her, “What is the true person of no rank?” 

She immediately said, “There’s a true person of no rank with six arms and three heads, working furiously, smashing Flower Mountain in two with a single blow. For ten thousand years the flowing water doesn’t know the source.” 

In later years she became a well-known teacher.