Tao Te Ching #45 short Meditation

From Ursula le Guin's version of the Tao Te Ching verse 45. What's perfectly whole seems flawed, but you can use it forever...


Ordinary Mind 10 Minute meditation

10 minutes of meditation where you don't have to do anything. More interesting than it sounds!


Still the Same Body

A five minute meditation with the koan

Heart unclouded,

Heart clouded,

Standing up

or falling down,

It is still the same body.

- Princess Yodo, Abbess of Tokeiji 1350


Sound of Rain

How to respond to chaos and difficulty by first listening to the sound of the rain. Rachel reads aloud from a piece she wrote not long after the 2016 elections. 


The Heart Mind Turns

A five minute meditation with the koan: The heart-mind turns in accord with the 10,000 things. The pivot on which it turns is very deep.


What is Zen? Snow in a Silver Bowl,

Rachel talks about how we are saved by things that are evanescent. 


All Gone

There is a parable about the stages of awakening called the Oxherding Pictures. Each stage is something we can recognize and visit many. The 8th picture talks about the moment when all the details of the world of form disappear. and how this is just one of the many things we discover along the way.